December 14, 2014


Grandmother Olga was always dressed with flair and elegance. When she and Folke, her fiancee, discussed their wedding plans in 1909, she wrote that she was contented to be married in ordinary travel clothes. Was it really necessary with a wedding dress, she wrote to Folke. Her mother and her future husband both persuaded her that a wedding dress was a must. 
Olga was actually very unassuming and no-nonsens as regards herself. 

In the papers I received when my mother passed away, there were several similar, undated  “My last wishes” documents and her words are interesting (I have chosen one she wrote, probably in her early seventies) 
They show a lot of her character:
“I’ve lived a long life and am thankful for that, God has been kind to me but there’s always an end to what ever begins. And this we must clearly see and I’m no longer afraid and I’ve made my up my mind and will make it quite plain: 
I will not have an old fashioned funeral, no flowing veils or sorrowful moans, no pall bearers, black and foreboding. No shiny high hats and flying tails. No wreathes of any kind. My coffin I want to be of unfinished pine made by a local man — no padding, no finery, no lining of any kind, just make up my bed as you’ve always done, two sheets, a pillow and a blanket of wool, my night gown, my bed jacket, my pink socks of wool.
The ceremony in the Saro church, only soft music, "Ave Maria", "Gymnopedies" and "Nearer My God to Thee". No wreaths from friends, no flowers, instead, ‘remember Särö Red Cross’.
My life may be long, it may be short, but when the time comes I’ll look and I’ll search for the God I’ve always known. He’s helped me through sorrow and worries untold. He’s shown the light through the darkest clouds. I’ll find him somewhere I’m sure.”

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