March 14, 2016


Olga and Folke's newly built house at Särö ( Villa Florida).

Olga's father and mother William and Anita Dawson in Sweden with their granddaughter Anita.
This must be the summer of 1913.
Olga had recently given birth to her third child, Mary Carita in close succession after the other two, Anita and Billy.  Olga had  been married for four years and already had three children. I think it was during this visit that Olga's parents thought that Olga needed some rest away from all this childbearing and they invited Olga and her children Anita and Billy and the nanny Ida to all travel to Jacksonville Florida in September that year. They travelled in the finest luxury. This was 1913, one  year before the First World War started. Olga's father William would never again visit Sweden. he died in 1916.
Read all about the 23 year Old Olga and her trip to Florida with her two children and nanny Ida via Hamburg and New York. The baby Mary Carita was left in Sweden with Folke and a nurse. Women did not yet have the right to vote so Folke had to give his permission which he did.  Read about Folke's desperate longing for Olga and the children, especially when they did not return for Christmas as she had initially promised. (My book: My Darling Olga)

Olga and Folke outside their villa FLORIDA on Särö built 1913.
They lived here until they built their new house Lysholmen in 1918
They had a salt water pipe come from the ocean to the bath tub. This was considered a silly thing by the next buyer and it was removed.

Olga outside villa Florida at Särö with her children Anita and Billy 1912/13
Olga outside villa Florida

This is probably the interior of Villa Florida 


 Olga centered with a stick in her hand surrounded by friends and or relatives whose names are unfamiliar. Anyone help? The man behind Olga is either Folke or one of his brothers.
Olga and her two children Anita and Billy  in 1912/13
This picture is after Lysholmen was built. No high trees yet. Five children so far. Another four to 1923 or there a bouts
Below is Olga's car. Is this the famous Cadillac La Salle that collided with the train from Gothenburg?

Where is Olga? There seems to be a driver bu the wheel. I thought Olga drove her own car?

These portraits were in the entrance hall way of Lysholmen

Linnea and Gunilla Hellström around 1950

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